Départ Pour L'Image is an independent publishing house based in Milan and focused on experimental publications, fanzines and notebooks. Each product is conceived starting from an exhibition occasion or to support an ongoing project, defining an editorial line focused on the possibilities of the image on the border between photography and contemporary art.
Our books are available in selected bookshops.
Paris (FR): Yvon Lambert - Le Bal - MEP La Maison Europeénne de la Photographie - La Nouvelle Chambre Claire - La Cométe - Artazart -Volume - Librairie Lame (online) | Venezia (IT): Bruno | Rome (IT): Leporello | Milano (IT): MiCamera - Verso libri | Marseille (FR): Maupetit Actes Sud - La Salle des Machines @ Friche La Belle de Mai - Histoire de l'Oeil - Zoéme | Arles (FR): Librairie du Palais - Actes Sud .

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